​CEO, Author and Executive Coach

Mega Trends are Transforming Business and Society

The growing onslaught of information… from the Cloud to Big Data, AI, Mobility, IoET and advances in Life Sciences are placing executives into  increasingly complex situations where they have to make difficult decisions.  I work with executives ranging from the Fortune 500 to CEOs of start-ups and creative 
entrepreneurs.  I provide clients with leadership and organizational concepts and methodologies that directly tie to their strategic challenges.

Kent's work history covers the business gamut including senior levels of engineering, sales, marketing, operations and business development.  Kent has excelled working with businesses of small, medium and large sized companies and has driven business with companies at all stages. He works with CEOs and top leaders and management teams in high tech, Software/Hardware, family businesses, life sciences and health care.  

Is it timeto assess your style, your strategies, the political landscape, your team, the management above you and your peer relationships, to find a path to success? I bring an adaptive  Executive Coaching approach using traditional, dialogic and systemic methods. Feel free to contact me and find out more.   

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This book is a quick engaging read and I co-authored it with my great colleagues at Growth and Leadership Center. It is a self help book that gives people insights on how to communicate with a positive approach and optimistic attitude so they can create and influence the best possible outcomes.